Masters Thesis

A culminating project: informing Hispanic/Lantinx students on the importance of mental health and addressing cultural stigma

This graduate project focused on developing and implementing a mental health workshop at California State University, Stanislaus to help inform and educate Hispanic/Latinx students on the importance of mental health and connect them to different mental health resources. The objectives of this project were accomplished through collaborations with the Diversity Center and members of the Psychological Counseling department. With their collaboration, the workshop was made possible and a safe space for dialogue on the topic of mental health in the Hispanic/Latinx community. This project was centered around the importance of mental health in college students, particularly those in the Hispanic/Latinx community, due to the mental health disparities that are clearly articulated in the literature. This workshop was facilitated by two LCSWs from the Psychological Counseling Department, and it allowed participants to have a safe space in which to discuss topics that affect students’ mental health. The major topics covered consisted of negative cultural stigma, legal status, language barriers, first generation students, and financial issues. Feedback from participants revealed that the objectives of the graduate project were achieved. Implications and strategies for improving the even and for next steps are discussed.