Graduate Project

Analyzing Local Government as a Partner to Boost Angels Landing Programming, a Gender-Based Organization for the Successful Reintegration of Previously Incarcerated Women

Only in California 2,495 women are released from prisons and 186,571 from jail annually. Unable to find the right support not only to assess their rehabilitative needs accurately but also to find the proper resources that help them cover their specific requirements, many of them struggle to succeed to their second chance, and as a consequence, end up recidivating. Communities and local government are crucial during the reintegration process of the women coming back from local corrections. The local community is a place where they will be arriving, will be looking for support, jobs, and connecting with resources and other people, what makes vital that the City Governments and the community understand the economic and social relevance of helping this population. In this sense, this project aimed not only to comprehend the resources and opportunities already available at the local level but also sought to identify the best approach to the creation of Angels Landing programming in a way the local government and the community could be involved in the successful reintegration process of these women. As a gender-based non-profit organization for women, Angels Landing pretends to be able to link these populations to local resources while creating awareness and helping to conduit public sector organizations, and the community in their role in supporting these women. Ultimately, the findings of this research helped to identify numerous opportunities for Angels Landing as an intermediary agency to build the bridge between women coming out looking for opportunities and services, the government and the community, with a more receptive approach that emphasizes the importance of all together embrace these population.