Masters Thesis

The effects of kinetin on rooting of Pittosporum tobira, alt. cuttings.

The propagation method is very important for PiRtosporum tobira, Ait. (sweet mock orange) because this plant is being used widely in California landscaping as a hedge or screening plant. Plant hormone, auxin, has proven to be beneficial in stimulating root initiation on stem cuttings, and cytokinin retards the breakdown of chlorophyll; they also interact with each other in organ formation and rooting of cuttings, The objectives in this research were: (1) to determine the effect of kinetin on rooting of P. tobira, Ait. cuttings; (2) to determine the effect of kinetin on chlorophyll content of the P. tobira, Ait, cuttings. There were two experiments in this research; in each experiment, different kinetin concentrations were used, to find the optimum kinetin concentration for the best rooting result and chlorophyll retention. Kinetin did significantly improve the rooting and delayed the chlorophyll breakdown in the leaves of the P. tobira, Ait. stem cuttings. However, the effect of kinetin on rooting varied with the season of year at which the cuttings were taken.

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