Achieving a perfect fit : an evaluation and comparison of six alteration methods

Achieving a perfect fit is an important part of clothing construction. A knowledge of pattern alteration is necessary to achieve a perfect fit when individual measurements differ from commercial pattern companies. This study was conducted to compare pattern changes that may occur when using six different alteration techniques. The slash, slide, pivot, seam, redrawn line, and sectioning methods were compared for eighteen common fitting problems encountered by women. Predetermined measurement points were placed on the individual pattern pieces. Measurements were made and recorded for each alteration technique and fitting problem compared. When methods were compared for lengthening the bodice and increasing or decreasing the waistline, the results were similar or identical for each technique. Differences did occur among all other alteration techniques compared. There were several slash methods compared for some fitting problems. The slash method had the largest variety of ways authors suggested to achieve the desired alteration.