Windows mobile application for internet interpreter scheduling system

The purpose of this Project is to develop and implement the enhanced features of Internet Interpreter Scheduling System as mobile application in healthcare domain and made it synchronize with the existing web application as well. This project includes the development of mobile application in Asp.Net and maintaining a global database for both web and mobile application by accessing through the I2S2 web services. I2S2 mobile application is proposed to run efficiently on HTC windows mobile phone. Existing Internet Interpreter Scheduling System has three types of users. They are Agency Platform, Requester/Provider Platform and Interpreter Platform Users. Interpreters are going to get appointments scheduled by agency and requesters into the schedule folder of the mobile application by connecting to web services based on day, week and month calendar format. Uncovered appointments can be placed into public folder of Interpreters. Therefore, even interpreters can view the appointments in “View Available Appointments” folder and accept the appointments based on their availability. Agency will keep some of the interpreter appointments into the Interpreter folder of the Interpreter.Intended Interpreter can accept or reject appointments in interpreter folder based on their availability. After Time Finish Appointments authorized with signature and get synchronize with database. Appointments rejected by the interpreter will be scheduled by the agency to another interpreter. Modules like Schedule, My Folder, Available Appointments, View Details, Time Finish and Sync were implemented in the Internet Interpreter Scheduling System as per the customer requirements. Internet Interpreter Scheduling System application can be entered using Application Name, User Name, and Password as login credentials. System provides Password facility to ensure validity of user. Scheduling System mobile application can be login in both online or offline modes. If the interpreter is not having the proper internet connectivity or not in the network coverage area, he can login into the system in offline mode. Mobile application transfers data and appointment status to the SQL Server Enterprise database using web service after mobile gets internet connectivity. This project was developed using the technologies like Asp.Net, C#, Microsoft Windows Mobile API, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as Database, XML and Web Services.