“Camaron Que Se Duerme Se Lo Lleva La Corriente” Mexican Immigrant Families: Students Not Left Behind

Purpose of the Study: Research shows that active participation of both students and their parents in children’s schooling is a key factor for academic success. However, participation of immigrant parents tends to be low. Some of the reasons for this are: limited knowledge of the English language, and poor understanding of the educational system in the U.S. The purpose of this project was to identify ways to motivate parents to become more visibly involved in their child’s education. Some Latino families hesitate to participate because they are often treated in a manner that discourages them from working more closely with the school and the teachers, because they feel that their views are not understood or welcomed in the U.S. educational system or that their concerns are ignored. Given this, the aim of this project was to create an environment where Latino families feel that their voices are heard, that they are equal partners with the school in the efforts to support their children’s academic upbringing and to set goals to pursue a college education. Specifically, the goal was to open communication lines between students, parents and educational institutions that contribute to successful academic achievement.