Evaluation of Computer-Based Math Homework and Students' Satisfaction with Online Math Classes

As computer and Internet technologies evolve, they play an increasingly significant role in our lives, especially in education. In particular, more students are using computers to attend online classes or to do computer based homework. Various online homework systems have become more advanced and available to the mathematics instructors and students. These online systems provide various advantages for the students, such as more practice problems, time flexibility, improvement of self discipline, and improved computer skills. However, the effectiveness of online math classes and the computer-based homework differ from one person to another, depending on many factors. We designed this study to explore these factors. We prepared survey questions for a group of students in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the computer-based math homework and their satisfaction with online math activities. Additionally, the survey provides the participants' feedback on features and benefits of online instructions, including e- mails, tutoring and videos. Moreover, we evaluate the factors that determine the students' success in using computers for their homework. These factors could be the result of the students' experience with technology or learning experiences using various computer software.