Graphics performance benchmarking of android devices using opengl es

As the variety of mobile Android devices available on the market continues to increase and the popularity of mobile games and visually impressive apps also increase, the need arises for a way to analyze the graphical capabilities of the devices on the market in order to continue pushing the limits and producing the next generation of games and apps. The purpose of this thesis paper is to provide an understanding of the graphical capabilities of current Android OS based mobile devices through performance benchmarking using a customizable benchmarking solution. An Android application called "MOBILESpeed" will be developed to be used for benchmarking using scene decomposition which will allow for better analysis and identification of performance bottlenecks. This application will serve to analyze a device's graphical performance through predefined and customizable benchmark test scenes. This thesis will describe the concept of benchmarking, provide information on mobile graphics hardware and architecture, explain the fundamentals and features of OpenGL ES, and also present in detail the tools and methods used to produce the MOBILESpeed benchmarking application from design to implementation. Lastly, a range of devices will be benchmarked and analyzed using MOBILESpeed. The purpose of MOBILESpeed is to provide objective graphical performance data for Android devices so that those looking to acquire a device for graphically intensive applications such as gaming can make a more informed choice.