Business plan for martial arts studio

Starting a business is challenging, maintaining a business is difficult, and planning for a business is tedious work. Working on a complete business plan for a martial arts studio has given the team not only the direct, hands-on learning experience in developing such a plan, but also in dealing with clients and expectations. During the initial client interview, the client conveyed high expectations both for our work and for the future of the business. Based on the information provided by the client and the experience gained throughout the MBA program, our team developed a business plan that provided key recommendations for success and future growth. My unique contributions to the project included in-person meetings with the client, multiple field observations of the gym and competitors, and orchestrating the consumer surveys. I contributed to the PEST, SWOT, local competitor analysis, distribution channels analysis, the marketing strategies, and overall recommendations. For tasks outside the business plan, I managed the team tasks, the project timeline, and team expectations. Additionally, I was the voice of the group and raised concerns on behalf the team. The last part of this journey was to present the client with a completed business plan. This plan, if implemented by the client, has the potential to bring in new customers, and take the business to new levels of success. The completed business plan also marked a new milestone in my life, completion of the MBA degree. I believe these famous words by Ralph Emerson, "Life is a journey, not a destination" can be applied to my experience in the CSUN MBA program. The journey was incredible and the connections I made are unfathomable. I will forever remember my peers, my advisors, and now my alma mater. I will take all of you everywhere I go in life.