Developing a mediated, bilingual-bicultural sex education program for secondary school age Hispanic youth

Many public and private organizations are now beginning the process of developing specialized bilingual-bicultural programs for ethnic populations. The Hispanic population, being the fastest growing “minority” group in the United States, has become the targeted group for many such programs. In the process of designing these much needed programs, an area which has been neglected by both private and public institutions alike, is that of sex education. Up to this point in time, few if any bilingual-bicultural sex education programs have been designed to meet the distinct cultural needs of the Mexican-American community. The present project attempt to address this need. The goal of the present project was to develop a mediated, bilingual, culturally relevant sex education program designed specifically for the Mexican-American community, for adolescents in particular. Video tape was the selected medium of instruction for this project. The procedure utilized for this project consisted of video taping a group discussion performed by first, second and third generation Mexican-American adolescents. Intermingled with the group discussion are interviews with various community members which include parents, educators and community counselors. The issues addressed by the groups include attitudes toward premarital sex, acceptable male and female roles, marriage, commitment, machismo and sex education in general. These issues were discussed from a cultural perspective. This program is intended for use as an aid in the instruction of sex education. The aim of the program is to raise various issues around the subject of sexuality, which the instructor, group leader or presenter will discuss and expand upon with the viewing audiance.