Graduate project

Aquaculture curriculum development

Aquaculture education is growing in popularity in California and across the United States. In fact, aquaculture is one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture in the world. To meet the needs of a growing population, agriculturalist must face the possibilities of aquaculture production throughout all regions of the United States. In order to prepare agriculturists for the aquaculture industry, aquaculture education must become a necessary part of the typical agriculture curriculum. Many agriculture educators view aquaculture as an ideal way to facilitate project based learning in the classroom while preparing students for college and careers within the industry. Through this project, aquaculture curriculum was created that could be used in a year long aquaculture class. The curriculum was divided into units and a pacing guide was provided to assist implementation of the class. This project was created to assist agriculture educators who are unfamiliar with aquaculture production and practices and can be taught in the classroom through an integrated approach with FFA. The curriculum guide incorporates project based learning standards as outlined through the new Next Generation Science Standards in all areas of aquaculture production and environmental science. Although many projects are based on aquaculture in California, the curriculum can be modified to fit the needs of any agriculture teacher.

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