Student Research

Anti-American propaganda through the eyes of Russian and American citizens

Anti-Americanism is a prevailing concern for the United States, arguably more so than it has been in the past. An evident example of this distress is the rise of anti-Western views held amongst the Russian Federation and its citizens. Though cooperative in some measures, the relationship between the United States and Russia has remained a strenuous one. It is for this reason that the thesis addresses the question of anti-American propaganda and its potential susceptibility on American and Russian citizens. In order to test this relationship, participants of both populations are asked to complete an experimental survey. Containing three images considered to be anti- American based on the content and message each image wishes to portray, the survey attempts to gather the participant’s opinions on anti-Americanism concerning U.S. foreign policy and the significance of source credibility. In response to the Russian population, participants possess a highly susceptible anti-American nature but were in fact unaffected by the anti-American images. As for the American responders, participants were critical of U.S. foreign policy but less so in comparison to their Russian counterparts. Much of this can be attributed to acknowledgement of free speech and access to information and opinions in competition with the U.S. government.


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