Masters Thesis

Affective responses as a function of major and minor musical modes.

There is little doubt that music produces in people a variety of effects. The study of which aspects of music- (e.g., tempo, dynamics, loudness) produce its effects has been the subject of many philosophical and empirical reports (e.g., Farnsworth, 1969; Ludin, 1967; Schoen, 1940). The mode of a musical composition is one aspect that is thought to influence the effects of the composition. "In general, it has been assumed by professional musicians and by inter- preters of n\usical meaning that there is a difference in the affective quality of the major and minor modes" (Hevner, 1935, p. 103) . Several investigators have undertaken to study the effects of the major and minor modes experimentally. The focus of this study is the assessment of the effects of major and minor modes on the affective response of the listener.

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