The Impact of Cross-Generational Differences on Job Satisfaction in LA County DPSS: Limited to Generation X and Millennials

Job satisfaction is essential for the organization because it promotes the continuity of a professional and cohesive workforce that is well-functioning, follows policies and procedures, and provides effective services to the public. Multigenerational employees are working together today; its impact on job satisfaction is unknown. This research will focus on how cross-generational differences impact on job satisfaction in the public sector, especially Generation Xers and Millennials who occupy 2/3 of today’s workforce. The literature review covers both social and behavioral sciences and public administration. The research will be based on two theories to examine the cross-generational different impacts on the job satisfaction: Mannheim's generational theory and Locke's range of affect theory. It will use a survey to access job satisfaction in public employees by using seven environmental variables: pay and benefits, career development, job security, the job itself, relationship with the supervisor, relationship with colleagues, and promotion opportunities. A quantitative analysis will be conducted by using Mean, standard deviation (SD), and the t-test to compare job satisfaction between two groups: Gen Xers and Millennials.

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