Graduate project

A Study of the Relationship of Job-Person Fit, Self-Care Strategies, and Burnout in Surgical Acute Care Registered Nurses

Healthcare is a constantly changing, complex environment and as such, nurses are challenged to adapt to these chaotic and unpredictable working conditions. Because of the complexity of healthcare, the nursing profession is considered one of the most stressful and most challenging occupations. Prolonged stress can lead to burnout, which consists of emotional exhaustion, cynicism, and a decline in professional efficacy; all of which are common in stressful person-centered jobs, such as nursing. This proposed study was derived to further investigate the relationship between self-care strategies, job- person fit, and burnout in surgical acute care RNs. The significance of this proposed study is that if nurses can be understood and examined within the work and personal context, there is potential for decreased risk of burnout. In order for nursing staff to continue being safe, efficient, and productive healthcare workers, their overall health and well-being should be taken into consideration.