Graduate project

The Promise Scholars Program: advocacy and outreach campaign

The purpose of this graduate project was to help foster youth navigate through campus support systems by educating potential students and campus constituents about the support and services offered through the California State University, Stanislaus Promise Scholars Program. An outreach plan in partnership with the Promise Scholars Program was developed and implemented to heighten the campus community’s awareness of the program and establish connections with multiple groups on campus. In partnership with Ms. Libby Pata, Promise Scholars Program Coordinator, a short (educational) slideshow was created that provided information on the Promise Scholars Program at CSU, Stanislaus. Various engagement sessions were organized with key constituents, including academic groups, the University Academic Senate, the MSW Program, and local community child welfare agencies, to promote awareness of the Promise Scholars Program with the use of this educational slideshow. Engaging with campus constituents helped the Program form relationships and raise awareness to members who can advocate on the program’s behalf for former and current foster youth. Promoting the presence of the Promise Scholars Program is a start in overcoming systemic barriers; however, additional program planning efforts, including additional educational tools, promotional activities, and growing collaborations with identified campus constituents, need to be continued in order to provide more accessibility of services for college foster youth.