Introducing Afro-Latin Music into a Public School (Curriculum and Performance)

This study will introduce Afro-Latin Music into a public school as a substitution for a Jazz Band or ensemble. I am exploring many different ways to introduce this type of music to high school students. In this thesis project I am also learning how to arrange Afro-Latin music for high school student as well as finding different type's pedagogy resources to properly introduce this genre of music to students at Lynwood High School. The historical portion is being reinforced by different visual aids and video resources which include documentaries, concert performances, clinics and lectures. The last portion of this project is to have the students perform the arranged music that will be critiqued by California State University Los Angeles professors Dr. Paul De Castro and Professor Robert Fernandez. This will result in creating a curriculum for an Afro-Latin Ensemble class that will be submitted to the California Department of Education.