There's More Beneath the Surface

Asian-Americans are expected to have high achievement and success because of their ethnicity, a phenomenon which has been coined the Model Minority Stereotype. Mass media contributes to the generalization and perceptions, relating to Asian-Americans; categorizing this very large group of people originating from China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, the Ryukyu Islands, and more; indiscriminately labeling them "foreigners," "illegals," "nerds," and/or "poor communicators." There's More Beneath the Surface acknowledges some of these stereotypes by confronting viewers with graphics, photographs, and text. My approach to these images attempts to raise awareness. The various graphics of text and layered portraits of Asian-American women obscure the faces and portray the negative commentary and prejudices, without really seeing the true self of these individuals. This archetype, a model of success, intelligence and wealth, sets a standard sometimes impossible to reach.