Supplemental interventions for evidence-based practices

The National Center of Victims of Crime (2012) analyzed data collected by the National Incident Based Reporting System and estimated that one in every six girls and one in every 20 boys are victims of sexual abuse before the age of 18. Research has indicated that individuals with sexual abuse history may experience various emotional and psychological reactions in conjunction with PTSD. Sexual abuse in children and adults may cause depression, high levels of anxiety, and anger, as well as other psychological and behavioral changes. Although evidence-based practices have shown to decrease PTSD symptoms, the models are meant to be flexible. Individuals with comorbid disorders need to have more specialized treatments for their specific symptomology. Strength United, a counseling center in Van Nuys, CA, is a training facility for various Marriage and Family Therapy trainees and interns who spend their extra time finding interventions to use in session with their clients. The purpose of the project was to create interventions that will be used to supplement the evidence-based approaches utilized at Strength United. The following project consists of 15 interventions that will be accessible to counselors at Strength United.