Masters Thesis

The Road to recovery: a chronic disease management program proposal with applications for alcohol use disorders

Recent legislative efforts, including the Accountable Care Act and the Mental Health Parity Act, represent attempts to improve and integrate care delivery systems in the United States. These efforts to reduce costs while improving the quality of, and access to, physical and psychiatric health care provide us with a renewed hope for the treatment of alcohol use disorders. The treatment of alcohol use disorders is one distinct area of unmet need that may benefit from an integrated model of treatment and care. The Chronic Disease Management model is gaining in popularity and research efforts have established its effectiveness in the treatment of chronic diseases. Standardized measures are proving effective in screening for alcohol use disorders and thereby increasing our ability to identify these individuals. Alcohol use is a risk factor that, when controlled, can reduce the impact of chronic diseases. This combined with the identification of addiction as a chronic, relapsing, progressive disease suggest a strong case for the application of a chronic disease management model under the chronic disease management model. This paper will endeavor to conceptualize a program proposal for the treatment of AUDs under a chronic disease management program.

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