Is writing a self-perception problem : self-efficacy and student success in first-year composition

This study focused on the factors that affect student perception and their success in a first-year composition course at a community college. The purpose of this study was to uncover the factors that led to successful writers with a focus in self-efficacy and collegiate writing, namely introductory college composition. Subsequently, recommendations were made in order to improve the pedagogical practices within the community college institution to help students improve their writing. The study used a purely quantitative research method to analyze the two research questions. Quantitative data was collected from one college using a seven-point Likert scale and dichotomous variables. Research Question 1 was answered with a statistically significant Pearson Correlation Coefficient at the 0.01 level, while Research Question 2 was answered using descriptive statistics. The research showed that a student’s self perception in their ability to succeed in introductory composition was a factor in the student’s self-efficacy in introductory college composition.