Graduate project

Rutledge Farm internship curriculum

The purpose of this project was to establish curriculum and a program outline for Perris High School agriculture students who participate in the Rutledge Farm Internship in order to assess knowledge and skills outlined in the programs goals and objectives and determine what was learned during the student’s work experience. While developing curriculum, goals were established, stakeholders were con-sulted, research was conducted, and collaboration created specific internship goals and a method to assess the effectiveness of the internship. It was established that students would create blogs to explain what they have learned throughout the internship. Students would also present to the school board about the internship. It was concluded that students who participated in the internship had a positive experience and learned about agriculture careers in the industry. Blog posts show that students plan on pursing agriculture careers in the future. In the future, it is recommended that interns will express what they have learned throughout the internship utilizing a similar structure.

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