Masters Thesis

Free mental health resources for Hispanics/Latinos in Stanislaus County

The Hispanic/Latino population represents one of the fastest growing racial/ethnic minority groups in the United States with the U.S. Census, projecting that the Hispanic/Latino population will grow to be at 111 million by the year 2060 (U.S. Census, 2020). Yet there continues to be a lack of utilization of mental health services among the Hispanic/Latino population. It is important to understand why. This project identified some of the reasons why. Due to the state of the nation and the COVID-19 pandemic some difficulties arose when attempting to gather data. However, the goal of this project was to create a guide to free mental health resources focused on mental health services in Stanislaus County. This project was created with the intention of raising awareness in the Hispanic/Latino community. If we want to increase mental health utilization, it is not only pertinent but essential that we are prepared to advocate for and provide mental health services that are affordable, and culturally and linguistically sound, to the Hispanic/Latino populations.