INI Power Systems Analysis of Propane Adapter Technology

This analysis provides insight into the viability of the INI Universal Propane Adapter Kit (UPAK™) in the household consumer market, both domestically and on an international platform. It was important to distinguish profitability within the market and outline prospective gross revenues in the foreseeable future through growth trends and year over year increases. Not only was it determined that INI Power Systems should pursue this highly lucrative and generous market, but in doing so the firm needs to make some necessary changes to accommodate the needs of the end-users. If the company can find a way to adapt to the consumer needs of the majority user, then no time should be wasted in entering the market with not only the Universal Propane Adapter Kit, but the entire family of products offered by INI. After demonstrating a conservative estimate as to the potential market size and revenue streams that can be acquired by the company, the final conclusion and recommendation could be made. With just a few small changes to make the product more affordable to the average consumer and establishing a strategic relationship with one or two large distributors with international outlets, the doors are wide open for INI Power Systems to dominate the market and create brand identity that outweighs the competition.