Masters Thesis

Studies on conidiospore germination of Penicillium expansum.

Penicill ium exnansum is a common fungus occurring in the organic debris in soil. It can also be found in food products, such as grains, cereal products, eggs and chickens (Raper and Thorn, 194-9). However, it is most common in ripe fruits such as apples and other pomaceous types from which it has been isolated (Sommer, 1967). Workers in the fields of fruit storage and distribution find it to be the principal agent responsible for losses from storage rot. Spores of the fungus are carried from the field onto the surface of the fruit, where they germinate and enter through cuts and abrasions of the cuticle and epidermis. Thus it is of considerable importance in agricultural economy to control the growth of the fungus. However, detailed information on the growth ox bhxs fungus, especially on the spore germination, is lacking in the literature. Only a few reports briefly discuss the growth of this fungus. The present work reports experiments on the changes of nucleic acids and protein during spore germination and the environmental factors affecting the process. The work provides a foundation for further investigation on the control of the fungal growth.

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