Designing a penal code 288 rehabilitation curriculum

The San Joaquin County Jail does not currently have a Penal Code 288- Lewd and Lascivious Acts with a Child- program in place to aid in the rehabilitation of offenders. There are two dominating philosophies for treatment of this population. The first, Treatment-as-Management, focuses on the containment of offenders and continuous testing for risk of reoffending. The second is Treatment-as-Rehabilitation. This model emphasizes the safety and well-being of all parties in the community, including the offenders themselves, in order to promote an increased quality of life. The goal of this project is to design a Penal Code 288 rehabilitation curriculum that fits within the timeframe allotted by San Joaquin County Jail Correctional Health Care and is based on those strength-based values described by the Treatment-as-Rehabilitation ideology. This project was successful in the design of a Penal Code 288 rehabilitation curriculum; however, the implementation of this curriculum with prospective participants was unsuccessful due to lack of participation and safety concerns.