Net-Media Composer: A Multimedia Graduate Thesis Project

The Net-Media Composer is a unique art installation that dynamically extracts information from the web and lets users create multimedia artwork on an interactive table. This multimedia project demonstrates the effect that technology advancements have had on global connectivity, art, and communication. Art, as we once knew it, is being transformed by this digital age into an interactive experience. People's paradigms are being transformed into expecting this dynamic, interactive, multimedia experience in their communications. This digital transformation is the focal point for everyone from educators, to salesmen to media moguls who recognize the value of the "attention economy" on the web. We live in a connected environment. Technology has reduced the distance from San Francisco to Seoul into milliseconds. This new age of global connectivity has a profound effect on culture. The country specific content searches in Net-Media Composer and the user ranking of information around the world offer an opportunity to see how information technology is impacting diversity. The ubiquitous web and the advances in easy-to-use tools for non-programmers have opened up entirely new forms of communication with online communities, blogs, and a huge variety of user contributed content sites. As a result, various digital art forms are being created, transferred, and modified on the web constantly. The rapid movement and transformation of digital art forms demonstrates this evolving entity and a selfperpetuating momentum. By the nature of this user contributed content, the web has developed an organic structure that appears life-like. We are creating art by using available art from others. This process represents the huge growth of open source philosophy in several areas of software development. We don?t own this web-based art form. Net-Media Composer fits into this new age understanding of information ownership somewhere between mashups, generative art and specialized portals of information. We recognize the Digital Millennium Copyright Act as an incremental change and not the final position on ownership. Our study of multimedia culture and technology started with the following thesis question and generated a highly interactive art installation. Can an interactive, art installation such as the Net-Media Composer be used as an observation tool to witness the self-perpetuating behavior of digital art creation on the web?