Masters Thesis

Aviation or aerospace education as an integral part of the curriculum in the California secondary schools.

Since its inception with the flight of the Wright brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1903, aviation has undergone great advances both in military and civilian aircraft. The need for better and faster aircraft has placed the aviation industry in a most desirable position. Since the early days of the Model-T Ford, the automotive industry has also grown by leaps and bounds and has seen tremendous technological changes. It has grown to the point that one out of every six employed persons is employed in this or related fields. We have automotive training programs in virtually every high school in the state of California. Another industry, paralleled in time, has made even greater scientific and technological advances than the automotive industry; this is the aviation industry. It is a fascinating and adventurous industry with great potential, but it has ciany growth problems. As the automotive industry has suffered from the lack of skilled technicians, so has the aircraft industry. The industry's need for skilled men and women has never been so pressing as it is today