A curriculum handbook for the instruction of independent living skills to high-functioning developmentally disabled adults in a day program setting

Founded on the ground-breaking rehabilitation legislation of the previous decade, independent living as a social service paradigm came of age in the early 1980s. Independent living services were not designed to transform people with varying types and degrees of disability into superhuman beings, for even those who are not disabled are not totally self-sufficient in our highly specialized interdependent society. Independent living services are, however, intended to enhance one's self-sufficiency to the greatest degree possible, considering one's physical, emotional, mental and social circumstances. It is hoped that this Curriculum Guidebook, by establishing sound objectives and lesson plans for independent living can be used as a model for other independent living center programs who serve a similar population. Additionally, it can prove useful as a source book both for professionals and for professionals-in-training. The Curriculum Guidebook includes objectives, methods, and lesson plans in several areas of independent living designed for the instruction to mildly mentally retarded adults. The curriculum areas represented in the book are Banking/Money Management, Cooking/Kitchen Skills, Grooming, Pre-Vocational Skills/Employment, and Personal/ Social Development. It was through an indepth review of the available literature and the Northridge Easter Seals Staff's cooperation that allowed me to develop and compile objectives along with matching lesson plans.