Graduate project

The House Restaurant business plan

The motivation behind this project and business plan was the author’s life-long goal of owning a restaurant and serving the community. The purpose of this business proposal was to define the complete process for setting up a restaurant that focuses on providing a family atmosphere and serves food representing European cuisine at a competitive price in an area surrounded by chain restaurants. Modesto (CA) currently has almost 100 restaurants serving a variety of cuisine in a traditional chain restaurant setting. The restaurants referenced in the plan do not promote or exhibit home-style service one would expect when invited to a friend’s home for lunch or dinner. The market analysis revealed there is potential for growth and opportunity supported by demographics that are conducive to the sustainability of the restaurant. The plan utilizes unconventional marketing techniques such as mobile device, application-driven practices to increase interest in the Gen X target customer to establish a niche market. The financial, operational, and organizational systems assessed are standard for the industry, do not carry additional benefits or risks, and suggest an industry average return on investment. Finally, the research disclosed an extensive commitment in time is required under optimal conditions to survive in a time when businesses are at a disadvantage due to current events such as COVID-19.