Understanding the Impact of Foster Care on Students: An Information and Resource Website for Teachers

Knowing the realities of being a youth in foster care is important for all involved in the raising of these youth, as this information can bring change and advocacy for ensuring their needs are identified and met. This project explored how teachers can support and care for students in the foster care system. Findings suggest teachers can support this vulnerable population of students by understanding the foster care experience and providing a caring atmosphere that is considerate of the difficulties and experiences these youth encounter. Based upon a review of the current literature and organizations that work to improve the educational outcomes for youth in foster care, an information and resource website,, was developed to educate teachers about the foster care experience. The website provides information on the various issues that prevent youth in foster care from succeeding in school that contribute to impoverished life outcomes. It highlights the systemic issues in child welfare and education to provide a historical background. It shares promising changes through child welfare and education to inform teachers of the rights and services youth in foster care are entitled to. The last section is a collection of resources the author gathered from organizations and child advocacy groups, to help transition students into the learning atmosphere. These agencies have created strategies, tips, and suggestions for improving the social and emotional well-being of students. Keywords: advocacy, education, foster care, resources, risk factors, teachers, well-being, youth in foster care