Masters Thesis

A program proposal to increase university retention and graduation rates through intrusive advising and academic interventions

Higher educational institutions adhere to an annual goal of increasing retention and graduation rates. In order to meet their goals, colleges and universities need to offer appropriate resources in order to effectively assist their students. The literature shows that students struggling to pass developmental mathematics are significantly at-risk of not being retained or graduated from their institution. It has also been shown throughout research studies that there is a need for both academic, social and emotional guidance. In order to retain and graduate a larger percentage of students, California State University, Bakersfield (CSUB) will need to better connect students to the campus, especially those students who are identified as at-risk of stopping-out or failing college. This study offers a proposal to combat academic and social issues that developmental math students may encounter during their first year at CSUB. Intrusive Advising and Academic Intervention strategies are recommended to assist students both inside and outside the classroom and will better connect them to their campus. In order to increase retention and graduation rates, this study proposes that CSUB implement a Student Success Peer Mentor Program that employs Intrusive Advising and Academic Interventions. Beyond this program proposal, it is further recommended that the Mathematics Department collaborate with the Student Success Advisors and with the Division of Enrollment Management by hiring more math instructors dedicated to developmental math instruction. Lastly, beyond the scope of this program proposal, it is recommended that there be greater attention given to math development during the adolescent stages of a students’ academic careers. The intended goal would be to increase a student’s likelihood to achieve a more fruitful and successful college experience.

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