Career development program for males in the law enforcement profession transitioning to retirement

ABSTRACT CAREER DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM FOR MALES IN THE LAW ENFORCEMENT PROFESSION TRANSITIONING TO RETIREMENT By Deanna Gurrola Master of Science in Counseling, Career Counseling The career development needs of males retiring from the law enforcement field have not often been studied. This is likely due to the assumption that this population is secure in their retirement needs because of the excellent benefits that this occupational field provides. However, often these benefits and guidance are of a financial nature only. Retirees or soon-to-be retirees also need to explore what comes after they leave law enforcement and re-enter civilian life and become a more full time member of their family. This problem is important to address because there are large numbers of retiring males in the law enforcement field moving into retirement, they retire much earlier than males in other occupational fields, and leaving this line of work is often strongly tied to the male law enforcement officer's sense of personal identity. The proposed program is designed to encourage, assist, and inspire retiring or soon-to-be retiring males in the law enforcement field in their retirement transition. Through the use of career interventions grounded in career and adult development theory, the program strives to engage individuals in the process of rediscovering themselves and educating them on areas of professional development.