Masters Thesis

Nitidulid beetle flight activity correlations with some meteorological factors.

Nitidulid beetles have been recognized as major pests of figs In California since 1900 (Simmons et al., 1931). Early workers were concerned primarily with Carpophllus hemlpterus (Linnaeus), the dried-fruit beetle, as the principal nitidulid pest (Smith et al., I927). More recent studies have shown four other pestiferous nitidulids: Carpophllus freemanl Dobson, Carpophllus mutllatus Erichson, Urophorus humeralls (Fabrlcius), the pineapple beetle, and Haptoncus luteolus Erichson. Of these species, C. mutllatus was found in 56^ the Calimyrna figs in one sample from Madera County, California (Smilanick and Ehler, 1975)*