Healthy Food Choices

Purpose: Each child will get one construction paper that they will fold in half to represent a book. The teacher will place a stack of grocery newspapers in the middle of the table or hand each child one newspaper. The child will then cut out the picture of the food items that they eat at home and glue the picture in their book. The newspapers that we arc using for this activity are free, grocery stores mail them to promote their business and specials for the week. Also, the children get to see the real picture of food as oppose to a drawing. Depending on the children's ages, you can have a goal of 10 items per student or have the children fill the whole book. Healthy eating is promoted everywhere now a days. A child might be thinking, what is healthy food? The next step for this activity is to do one page with non-healthy food items and the second page with healthy food items. Also, once the children have a better understanding of what is healthy, teachers can increase the number of pages in the child's book. Ages: 3-5 Book for possible reference "Grandma and Me at the Flea" by Juan Felipe Herrera