What is needed to make inclusion successful at Granville Intermediate school

In this thesis the researcher reviewed literature describing what is needed to make inclusion successful. Research supported inclusion as a viable and successful path for educating students with special needs. Research also showed that there are essential components needed to make inclusion successful. The researcher conducted a survey of teachers at her school, Granville Intermediate School, which is located in Ohio, asking (1) what teachers are currently doing to make inclusion successful, and (2) what needs to occur at their school to increase the success of inclusion. The researcher found that those surveyed had many common ideas about successes and needs. General education teachers were successful with inclusion when they had a common planning time with the special education teacher. They were also more successful when the two teachers are able to work together as a team sharing teaching, grading, and assessment of all students. Additionally, they also strongly believe that professional development is the key to making inclusion successful. Key Words: co teaching, inclusion, inclusive school, mainstreaming, special education