Teachers' Perspective ofthe Benefits of Team-Teaching and the Barriers to Creating Successful General and Special Education Teacher Partnerships

This thesis presents the findings of a recent study conducted at two comprehensive high schools within the same district. The researcher collected data using surveys that were distributed to core-curriculum general education teachers and special education teachers. Of the 161 surveys distributed, thirty-four were returned for an overall response rate of 21%. The first focal point of the study was based on individual teacher perception related to the benefits teachers and students receive when assigned to team-taught classrooms. The second focal point was to establish how teachers perceive the level of support administration provides to help make team-teaching successful. Participants were also provided the opportunity to relate any other concerns they may have concerning team-teaching. The survey results revealed all teachers have had students with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) included in the classroom at some point in their career. In order to provide support for students with learning disabilities, when included in the general education classroom, some schools have chosen the team-teaching model. Survey data showed that a majority of teachers believe team-teaching does provide benefit for students and teachers; however, teachers suggested that administration does not always provide the necessary support for success.