Adultification of Children and Adolescents From Low-Income Families

Objective: Childhood adultification involves processes in which children are exposed to adult knowledge, roles and responsibilities (Burton, 2007). Children and adolescents from low-income families are more likely to be adultified than those that come from middle or upper income families. Methods: The study included 50 adult participants from the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles County, California. Participants completed a 12-question anonymous survey asking participants to recall their childhood and answer questions about family, tasks they were required to complete, and socioeconomic status. Results: No statistically significant results were found. A statistically significant relationship was found between reported socio-economic class and doing chores as children as well as between socio-economic class and the number of employed parents in the household. Discussion: Although findings supported some previous literature, further research should take into account gender, ethnicity and cultural values.