Effect of family math on student achievement and attitude

The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not 4th grade students participating in a series of Family Math Nights had significantly higher achievement scores as well as student and parent attitudes about mathematics when compared to students at the same school who did not participate in the Family Math Nights. In order to gauge the effectiveness ofthe Family Math Nights the following items were analyzed: student achievement will be evaluated by analyzing data using a pretest and posttest of the 4th grade mathematics curriculum given to control and experimental groups; student and parent attitudes about mathematics will be analyzed using a Likert scale survey both at the beginning and conclusion of each Family Math Night. The surveys will be analyzed to see if the Family Math Nights have an impact on student and parent attitudes toward mathematics. Overall, this study provides quantitative information about the effect Family Math can have on students in one elementary school classroom. There is not sufficient evidence to support the positive effect Family Math had on student achievement in mathematics. Yet, for this study when student attitudes were analyzed, survey scores indicated that attending a series of Family Math Nights improved student attitudes towards mathematics. KEYWORDS: Family Math, student achievement, attitudes, parent involvement, parent-school relationships