Efficacy of READ180 in High School

This study focused on the efficacy of implementing Scholastic’s READ180, a Response to Intervention (RTI) literacy program, at a diverse high school in Southern California. The research question considered the reading level growth of ninth-grade students enrolled in a double-period READ180 course instead of English 9 and an elective. Archived data for 3 cohorts totaling ninety-three students was utilized, taken from Scholastic Reading Inventory (SRI) assessments that were administered four times a year from August 2009 to June 2012. In addition, a survey was given to two READ180 teachers and two administrators regarding its implementation. The quantitative data from the SRI was used to create a historiography of the program implementation at the high school since 2009. The data suggested that the READ180 implementation at the high school was effective at helping struggling readers improve their reading level rapidly the high school. The data also exceeded prior evaluations of the program.