Incorporating cultural content in nursing simulation scenarios

Ongoing change in population’s health needs due to a multicultural society make cultural competence a salient health topic. Therefore, providing safe and effective nursing care to a culturally diverse population necessitates preparing culturally competent nurses. As the quality of nursing instruction improves, nursing schools aim to extend the use of simulation across the curricula. Simulation provides novice nursing students with a safe environment which allows them to learn from their mistakes without fear of causing any harm to patients. The main focus of current simulation scenarios is on biomedical aspects of nursing care and important aspects such as cultural contexts are largely overlooked. Moreover, current simulation based studies lack representation of specific culturally designed scenarios or guidelines for nurse educators. Hence, the purpose of this project is to create a culturally oriented simulation scenario template, using Madeline Leininger’s culture care diversity and universality theory. Also, specific components of Islamic culture, which is consistent with the religious background of the author, are integrated as examples in the design of the scenario template. The template is created with the ultimate goal of preparing culturally competent future nurses via an experiential learning method of simulation. Undoubtedly, redesign of transcultural nursing teaching/learning paradigm can be achieved via simulated experiences, where students’ cultural misconceptions and biases can be safely suspended.