Parents Supporting Their Children in the Acquisition of Language and Number Sense

The purpose of my project is to increase parental involvement by providing information about the English Language Development (ELD) Program in the Santa Paula Elementary School District, discussing different techniques to help young children develop language, and demonstrating different techniques that parents can use at home to help young children develop number sense. I hope that my project will help parents gain an understanding of the ELD program and learn skills so they can provide a rich home environment where language development is facilitated by daily family interaction. In addition, I hope to guide parents on the acquisition of simple mathematical techniques which they can use to support their children's development of number sense. The following questions will guide me in the development of two workshops for parents: 1. What is parental involvement, and what is its significance according to educational researchers? 2. What sections of the Intensive English ELD program can parents use at home to help their children develop language? 3. What are some techniques or exercises which parents can practice at home with their kindergarten or first grade children to develop number sense?

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