The development of a list of selected vocalises for the vocal training of the choral ensemble

The study undertakes a limited survey of published and unpublished literature dealing with choral rehearsal techniques and solo vocal pedagogy in order to develop a selected list of vocalises to be used as teaching aides by the choral conductor. The techniques and exercises selected pertain to the teaching of posture, breathing, tone production and diction for the diversified structure of the choral rehearsal. Chapter II entitled, "Conditioning the Vocal Instrument", provides suggestions for physical exercises which relax and energize the body and assist in achieving proper singing posture. Chapter III deals with breath support and is organized into three categories: vocalises for promoting deep breathing, vocalises for activating the diaphragm and vocalise for controlling exhalation. Tone production is treated in Chapter IV which contains eighty-four selected vocalises for the development of vocal resonance. Chapter V discusses diction and provides selected vocalises for achieving the correct pronunciation, enunciation and articulation of vowels, diphthongs and consonants. Recommendations for utilizing the list of selected vocalises within the choral rehearsal are given in Chapter. VI. In addition, an extensive bibliography is included to assist the conductor in further research in the area of vocal pedagogy.