Image tiepoint collection for image processing

During the last 30 years, the scientific digital image processing community inherited a large amount of legacy software. While algorithms in side this software are very valuable, the User lnterface is usually extremely slow and cumbersome. Most of these applications are command-line driven, making them hard to learn and slow to use. Using X Window system and Motif as the most common graphical user interface libraries in today's scientific image processing, a new tiepoint collection program has been developed. This program allows user to collect the tiepoints in overlapping images using sophisticated multi window environment. Users can interactively add, select, delete tiepoints, save them to a file, while using various matching techniques and algorithms. The program is intended to be used by the planetary scientists and the planetary image analysts. The project was done using C++, Motif, public-domain framework MotifApp, and Image widget written at the Jet Propulsion Lab (.IPL), a NASA Center in Pasadena. In this paper, the X Window System, and object-oriented (00) approach to the design and implementation of event-driven applications are examined. The analysis of the development process is included. The paper concludes with closing remarks 011 the future GUI projects at the JPL's Multimission Image Processing Laboratory (MIPL).

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