Capstone project

Solar shading model and lab

A good teaching aid can provide an invaluable resource for a teacher attempting to introduce a new subject to a young class eager to learn. To this end a lab has been created that will aid the teacher in showing new students about solar heat gain, and also show the effects of shading upon solar heat gain. This lab has been economically made and will aid the teacher for many classes to come. Our lab utilizes solar cells to measure the light received from a series of light bulbs that are focused with the angle of the sun in different months at local solar noon on the twenty first of the respective months. The light received represents the solar gain of a window on the side of a south facing wall. By allowing the students to measure these values, they can observe first hand the effects of solar gain and how shading can help. This gives the student visual representation to actually see what solar gain is like in a real life situation. By showing the student a real life model, it reinforces the real world ramifications of shading. By providing this lab we hope to also help motivate the students into learning how to perform heat gain calculations, solar angle calculations, and other calculations related with the HVAC industry.