Relinquishing and reclaiming: a gay and questioning adolescent group guidebook

Gay and questioning adolescents are highly vulnerable people's opinions regarding their sexual orientation. Gay and questioning adolescents run the risk of being rejected from family and friends a based on homophobic and heteronormative beliefs. Recent reports of increased rates of suicide, harassment, drug usage, unsafe sex practices, depression, and homelessness put gay teens in at a level of risk that cannot be ignored. This purpose of this project is to propose a support and process group that aids adolescents in developing a healthy identity and self-concept in the face of society's inescapable heteronormative messages. The provided guidebook is written in a step-by-step fashion in order to allow for easy implementation of the group in practice. In each of the outlined twelve sessions there are main themes, goals, activities, interventions, process questions, and worksheets. Every group session is geared toward getting group members to participate in the collaborative group process and find a sense of community and belonging in their sexual minority status.