An Applied Hotel Industry Research Study of Forecasting Room Inventory and Reservations at South Coast Winery Resort and Spa

The hospitality/hotel industry has always been and will continue to be driven by customer revenue. To sustain its growth, it is crucial that hotel operators use their current data to better understand their customers as a benefit for success. According to recent industry reports, hotels will continue to grow from 2016-2021. The proliferation of business intelligence and data analytics in the industry has led hotels to identify trends, establish business insights, and implement effective decision-making from data collected. The goal of my applied research study is to determine trends at South Coast Winery Resort and Spa in Temecula, California with the help of their data from 2015 to draw interpretations for rooms sold/reservations booked in 2016. I will be using Excel and ForecastX to complete various forecasting methods and analyses to answer my research questions and support my hypotheses. The results of this research study should serve as performance indicators for the resort to guide and accompany their hotel operations for 2016.