Student and Staff Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Bullying and The Role Each Plays in Dismantling and/or Promoting a Bullying Environment

Bullying is very pervasive and has continually plagued the nation for more than the last decade. Each day American citizens are inundated with media stories highlighting bullying and school violence. Despite media coverage on the devastating consequences of bullying, this issue continues to plague today’s education system. This study sought to shed light on the thoughts and feelings of seventh and eighth grade students at XYZ Middle School. Through a mixed method approach, this study explored the frequency, nature, location, and type of bullying occurring on the campus of XYZ Middle School. The research uncovered that 24% of students reported being bullied at least once a month. Also, social and cyberbullying ranked as the highest form of bullying occurring at XYZ Middle School. There is still work that needs to be done in the literary world to ultimately solve and eliminate bullying on school campuses.