Masters Thesis

Therapeutic benefits for students with special needs

Students with special needs who do not receive appropriate therapeutic intervention often face adversity. According to Santiago, Kataoka, Forness and Miranda (2014), “children identified in the emotional disturbance [ED] category of special education [are] likely… in need of this service” (p. 175). The average Individual Education Program (IEP) calls for anywhere between 30-120 minutes of counseling per week for students with Emotional Behavioral Disorder (EBD). Effective counseling can help teachers develop strategies that focus on problem solving, conflict resolution, anger management, and friendship making (Tarver-Behring, Spagna, & Sullivan, 1998). In the current study regarding the therapeutic benefits of students with special needs, seven students participated in the study conducted by the researcher. The study assessed the effectiveness of therapy on students that are often viewed as “therapy resistant.” The results revealed that four of the seven participants believed therapy to be beneficial as suggested by their answers on the third and final questionnaire