Astrological projections of intrafamilial stress

We have proposed to show that astrology can be used as a tool in counseling, with particular reference to intrafamilial relationships, their stressful and comfortable aspects. We have prepared this project to highlight two points: the scarcity of serious astro-psychological research and the clinical potential of astrological chart comparisons. We emphasize the latter, subjectively and objectively. Because of time limitations, we have studied only three families, made up respectively of five, four and three members. Attempting to be as scientific as possible in so controversial a study, we have divided the tasks of the paper into three parts: 1) gathering the astrological birthdata and computing comparative data, 2) analysis of comparisons, and 3) interviewing one member of each family and obtaining feedback on our findings. The limitation to (a) self-report corroboration and (b) one member of each family was practical and circumstantial, not theoretical. In each instance, the family member available to us was the mother. One of us did the first and last tasks, the other the second. Our findings were that, in each case, participants felt the analysis and projections of stress and ease within the family were 90% accurate. From this we would like to investigate, astro-psychologically, other methods of chart comparison as well as dominant single factors (planets or angles) within comparisons or family groupings and to check these results thoroughly against modern psychological instruments concerned with similar parameters. Our tentative results indicate that astrology, used with knowledge and critical intelligence, can be a useful and insightful tool in counseling.